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A Day on the Water in San Diego
Published On August 15, 2018

August 15, 2018

San Diego, California is a very large coastal city in southern California that is filled to the brim with exciting attractions and lively outdoor parks and nature preserves. This city is one of the largest and most populated cities in the entire state and is overflowing with cultural diversity and historical knowledge. With all of these exciting events being located within the city, it can be easy to forget the coastal elements of the city’s location. For those vacationing in San Diego to swim in the surf of the Pacific, we invite you to explore these activities.

About Water-Themed Activities in San Diego

Flyboarding is perhaps one of the most daunting, yet exhilarating water activities to partake in. With lessons offered by Fly Guys Watersports, this company offers both lessons and equipment for a variety of water-themed activities such as surfboarding, water skiing, paddle boarding, and many more watersports. Flyboarding, though often called Hoverboarding or Jetpacking, allows you to float across the ocean waves as though flying. More information on how to book lessons in flyboarding can be found here.

San Diego Parasailing is the perfect place to go to parasailing across the Pacific coast in San Diego. This service is one in a lifetime and has a 100% safety guarantee. Having been in service since the year of 1989, this parasailing company has over three decades of experience to back up this 100% safety guarantee. Reservations for a parasailing lesson can be found here.

Now, what better way is there to finish a fabulous vacation in San Diego than to enjoy an adrenaline-filled boating experience. The Speedboat Adventures promises just that, by renting out sailing vessels that can hold up to 3 persons. Each vessel has an engine with 30 horsepower in it, allowing the captain of each ship to enjoy their boating adventure at almost any speed they feel confident in. More information on how to schedule a vessel with the Speedboat Adventures can be found here.

If you’re in search for a hotel to stay in while participating in all of these fun water-oriented thrills, the Ramada San Diego Airport is the perfect hotel for you. This hotel offers impressive guest amenities and friendly staffing and promises to make your stay in San Diego as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Stay at Ramada San Diego Airport

While exploring the Pacific waters, enjoy your stay at the Ramada San Diego Airport. With all of these activities located just offshore from the hotel, the Ramada San Diego Airport offers the best rates when you book directly at: